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Customer Satisfaction and Security

By fiona April 12, 2017

6 months ago, we sat down and set out our goals for 2017, what did we want to achieve, what was important to us as a company and how could we get there.
Buzzwords such as customer satisfaction, appreciation, relevance, ease of access and services rang through. We knew we had achieved a huge amount in the past 12 months but there was something hindering the progression of future works, that and the fact that we like a challenge to start a new year! So the decision was made to provide the additional services that we knew our customers required and had been frequently requesting. We made our PSA application. Not just in one area, that would have been too easy, when you go for something of this merit, you go into it wholeheartedly. CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, installation and maintenance, we ticked all the boxes. We were given six months to prove ourselves to the relevant bodies that yes we could do this, the bigger challenge was proving it to ourselves. In less than 4 months, along with our ever increasing workload, we passed our audit with flying colours.

“The best set-up I’ve ever seen”, was the compliment we had waited to hear. To achieve that level of praise in four short months just shows the level of commitment made by our staff members to ensure a smooth transition and to enable us to push our company to the forefront of the electrical and security market in the South East Region. With over 15 years knowledge and experience within our security engineering team we have hit the ground running, and continue to push ourselves to ensure we can provide the ultimate level of service to our clientele. It is with great pride that we are announcing these new services, along with pride in our achievements, pride in our company and pride in our staff. We continue to challenge ourselves to provide the services to the highest level of expectations as held by our clients.


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